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Today's TAB, horse, racing Results, Harness Also used to describe such hats when still new- ie the brim is still straight. It means "to fit good food into a pot and turn it into sh-t". Standard nato - Milk and two sugars. "G'day ace, how are ya Sir?".
Koala Bear - Refers to somebody who is generally considered a protected species and useless in the greater scheme of things. Also used at Kapooka when instructors tear a Recruits room apart like a Cyclone. Two-dads - A generic name for someone with a hyphenated surname. New Australian track ratings 1st December 2014. Acms - Army Capability Management System - Because entering all your data in three systems isnt enough (roman, PMKeyS, and milis). Bubba - Useless Member of the Australian Air Force, and biggest raaf Cock alive. Will there be beer and snags?" "Ha ha ha, no son, it's not that kind of barbecue." Derived from the similar appearance of both a barbecue and a weapon cleaning bath made from a 44-gallon drum that has been cut lengthwise.

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Pay hopeful of turning Bulldogs' fortunes Sports News "Terbesar Besar big, terbesar biggest. Lifer - raaf term for a member who loves everything Military about his/her job in the ew acca calculator raaf and is "in for life" ie serves until forced age retirement Linger - Abbreviation of w:Malingering. While care is taken to provide accurate information, there is no responsibility accepted for any errors or omissions in the information at this website. Dpcu - Disruptive Pattern Camouflage Uniform.
Often provided in imaginary consumable form;.g., here's a harden-up pill, have a can of harden-up or " drink some concrete and harden the.k up! A traveller (.v. Smoko - raaf term for officially sanctioned short breaks from work for a cuppa and a smoke if so inclined. Tuesdays Only After Dark. Squeezer - A jocular term of derision used to describe another soldier or person who is suspected of malingering (e.g., Old mate is a f#cking squeezer) SSM - Senior Sandwhich Maker the same as CSM but 2nd in charge of a SQN Stabbed -. Bedpan scrapper - medic Bear - EW Operator. Buckets - A-vehicles, tanks, APCs, aslavs, or the Royal Australian Armoured Corps in general. Theyre all addicted to their phones, their egos are getting dragged from pillar to post because theyre on social media, theyre getting told theyre fantastic in one comment, then expletives in the next.

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Bernard Tomic looks set to quit Im a celebrity get Crap Hat - Name given to the slouch hat or any non Maroon beret by airborne soldiers who expert soccer picks wear the beret. Boots - A suck. Rupert - An Army Officer (from initial poker bet British Army - newly commissioned officer and therefore very inexperienced). Bash - To mould a KFF (q.v.) or beret into an acceptable, close-fitting shape.
Jackhammers An elite section of technicians who not only strive sports games on now to produce airpower but in fact succeed and excel. Also known as polys. Civvy - (Pronounced "Siv-ie The name given by members of the ADF to non-ADF members. Normally refers to going to bed, for example "Hit the Farter". Operator - Refers to special forces members. Comes from poag (Posted On A Garrison) or pogo (Posted on garrison operations).

Sportsbet, now to start betting in under 2 minutes! The game plan will be simple for Greg Inglis when he makes his triumphant State of Origin return from injury as Queenslands new skipper wreak havoc. After missing the 2017 series with a knee injury, Inglis, 31, will take over the Maroons reins from retired skipper Cameron Smith in June. Bernard Tomic quitting early isnt exactly a new story. Throughout his tennis career hes made giving up on points or games altogether a regular occurrence.

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Origin: Fittler laid down the law in first NSW team meeting Swimming Pool - The US Presidential Distinguished Unit Citation. However, 108th Signal Squadron ran a not so close second to the most famous Signals Squadron in the Australian Army: 139 Signal Squadron, who were well loved by the Brigade Commander especially after "Chooking" his personal Armoured Command Vehicle in the early ninety's. Quarmbie - Used by the Army, it refers to a highly uncoordinated person lacking in motor skills. We had a meeting with the NRL last week and they said theyre going to ref as they have been, whatever that means. SL(u)R - A name for the L1A1 rifle.
King Shitter - A recruit at artc Kapooka who is how to bet on horse races for beginners charged with overseeing the cleaning of the lines during morning routine (specifically the SALs, or shitters). Chief Sports Writer, The Sydney Morning Herald Loading Morning Afternoon Newsletter Delivered MonFri. Cunning Kick - literally 'secret pocket' but used in particular to mean 'money kept secret from one's spouse'. 'everything they touch, they fuck.' Peanut Gallery top 10 soccer prediction sites - Used when referring to a group of soldiers in a classroom environment. Also well known for their singing ability and known far and wide for their early 90's classic hit song "139 is on the piss again" Chook on a stick - the cap badge of 2nd Cavalry Regiment, - the 2 Cav cap badge. It just flung me to the ground. Gin Jockey - Term used to describe a member of the raaf who had sexual affairs with an Indiginous woman, usually on exercise at Tindal. Their mascots are a male and a female camel. The name has continued on, referring to current Reservists. Hungry Wagon, The - raaf term for the mobile aafcans (later Frontline) canteen truck.

Hes been accused of tanking by John McEnroe while Novak Djokovic threw heavy criticism his way following a lacklustre display during the. Australias biggest and best sports marketing summit, with the best insights from top local and global leaders in the media and marketing communities. The rookie Blues coach always said he was picking players on character ahead of ability for State of Origin.


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